Japanese Onsens ♨ - Japan's integral geothermal bathing culture



Production has evolved into a different worldwide scale because of Covid. The necessity of shooting and filmmaking in Japan has also been growing leap and bounds.

We have gathered the group of film making professionals who have experience working outside Japan,to enable to support and assist the International film makers.

We are capable to support and assist film production and post production, even distributing in Japan if necessary

However, even with historical Directors like Kurosawa and Ozu, the Japanese film and music industry now is ridiculed as the as Islas Galápagos(Galápagos Island)

because the system is different, old, unchanged for many decades, isolating its self from the rest of the world..

destroying the smooth work flow of production and the final value of the film itself.

We have gathered a team, prepared to avoid these kinds of activities.

Our team consists of film making professionals who have experienced work abroad. Capable in supporting and assisting film Production, Post-production, even distributing in Japan if necessary.

After all. We all love filmmaking.


The ministry of Justice have enforced the law which makes every commercial or artistic or any form connected to the industry production will require Certificate of eligibility(COE)in order to legally proceed the production.This procedure has become imperative. Our company are connected to law scribner who specializes in COE. If you are interested and you need more details Please Inquire us for details

D-Loop Inc.
Corporate number#3013401005398
Location: Tama Tokyo Japan
CEO: Kyoji Ohno

Teams with collaborators

Our team consists of individual professionals of each particular field of film making. All member of our team are free-lance professional and English-Japanese bilingual, so please feel free to contact us.

Kyoji Ohno

CEO of D-LOOP Inc. Team organizer, Production manager, Line producer,composer,music & film composer
His real profession is a film composer. But have taken apart of many film production and post production job in Japan.
English-Japanese bilingual and a little bit of Spanish and French as well

External collaborators

Shigeru Hirai

Director, screenwriter, producer, educator,
and film festival founder.
He has been enthusiastically engaged in various activities in the film industry both in Japan and overseas.
English-Japanese bilingual

Tomoaki Iwakura

His career started in the United States, and graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) with a Master of Fine Arts in Film and Television, He has shot a variety of projects which included feature films,short films, commercials, and music videos. With 11 years of experience under his belt, He continues to shot not onlyin Japan, but also worldwide.
English-Japanese bilingual and US DP system.He has been accepted into the Japanese Society of Cinematographer (JSC) in 2016

Motokatsu Suzuki

Samurai stunt coordinator(TATE)
Appeared in many Hollywood films such as Silence,The Outsider,Road to the sky.
Awards:★A YAKUZA’S MELODY(GIBRAN AHMED dir)Best Black Comedy Award , New York Film Awards , Los Angeles Film Awards>,
★Change Your Mind (Producer&director),London Lift-off Film Festival Selection
English-Japanese bilingual

Recent works

BODYWORK : Japanese Onsens ♨ - Japan's integral geothermal bathing culture

"The Maxim" Under post production

work demo

Samurai Drama:Sword action

Produced,Tate(Samurai stunts),Starring Motokatsu Suzuki
Music by Kyoji Ohno



Location scouting
All crews and staff needed for production

Post Production

Visual effects
Computer graphics and animation
Film music composing
Audio dub Mix


Website promotion
Theater distribution

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